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    I can't add scripts to the MHTY version of rsbot (SVN)



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    I can't add scripts to the MHTY version of rsbot (SVN)

    Post  ulegh on Tue Mar 23, 2010 11:26 am


    I have a problem with adding new scripts to the rsbot client of MYTh which I got from by using SVN.
    When I try adding the .java file of the script I want to add to the scripts (the map of the bot> scripts) and compile it, it goes wrong.
    When I start the client by clicking the play.bat file the client seem normal, but when I go to the script selector it's empty expected some options how you wish to order the scripts (which aren't in the selector meneu).

    When I delete the file and re compile it, it works fine agian.

    I have put the file in pasty if it matters:

    It was a script that made wines, I changed the item IDs to let it make pie dish. I slowed down the script abit to avoid some misclicking and I added the public void logout (it starts at line 322). Since I'm new to scripting it is possible there is a problem in the script.

    It would be great if anybody knows a way to add a new script to the clients and/or check the modified script in the link above.

    Best regards,

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