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    Post  angels2rebel on Thu Jul 02, 2009 12:40 pm


    Pest Control:


    When you get MHTYAIOMiniGames, you get everything you could ever want. MHTYAIOMiniGames has plenty of features to make your account level SUPER fast, while still being ban-safe. Speed, insane amounts of points per hour, point spending, and more! What more could you ask for? Oh, did we mention anti-ban?


    * Insanely fast
    * Automatically detects portals and NPC monsters to attack
    * Automatically enters the boat after each session for more points
    * Supports all boats
    * Points average:
    o Novice boat : 35-45 points /hr
    o Intermediate boat : 55-65 points /hr
    o Veteran boat : 70-100 points /hr
    * Combat xp from monsters: ~ 15-20k xp /hr
    * Can trade in points for xp ,void items (Range and Combat) and items
    * If trading in points for xp, you can achieve up to 100k xp /hr, possibly even more!
    * Can trade in for all void items
    * Able to set up a personal job list of which items to get
    * Full anti-ban protection
    * Solves all random events

    More Soon To Come....

    * - Overviews and Features

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